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Since it’s very likely that I won’t be online at all, tomorrow, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish a tremendously happy 27th birthday to the light of my life, Zachary Efron. 

I know that you will never read this, Zac, but having you and the warmth and brightness that you radiate, in the world, made this year, which has been rife with stress, so much easier on me. 

I hope that your special day is wonderful, and happy, and full of reminders that you touch so many lives without even realizing it.

And here’s to twenty-seven more amazing years of you. <3

Question for my HSM followers:

What is your favorite and least favorite song from the series (if you’ve seen Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure, you can include songs from that, as well)?

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When you see a notp that involves your favorite character on your dash:



Protect guys.

Protect guys who are figuring out their sexuality, protect guys who are still expected to live up to a definition of masculinity other than their own.

Protect guys who are bullied, who have eating disorders, who can’t stand to look themselves in the mirror, who are afraid to go home to their partners.

Protect guys who are told they actually have it quite good, who are laughed at, snubbed, ignored, who have their issues invalidated simply for being male. 

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please don't die :( I hope whatever is making you feel like that gets better and you come out stronger for it :) hugs
- Anonymous

Oh, Anon. It will probably never get better. I know. That’s negative thinking and negative thinking gets you nowhere, but how are you supposed to fix what’s causing you pain if it potentially involves destroying the happiness of someone you care about? Someone who means the world to you even though you don’t exist to them, and have no way of changing that.

I’d honestly rather vanish from existence entirely than drag my family and everyone else that I care about down with my misery.

But, I appreciate you reaching out to me, all the same. It’s always nice to know that people care. <3

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