Imagine your OTP where person A is a really popular YouTuber. Person A’s video always make person B’s otherwise bad days. Bonus points if they’re not in a relationship and they meet in a really ridiculous manner and person A makes a video on it.


Sometimes you ship characters because you want them to fuck against a wall

Sometimes you ship characters because you want them to get married and be together forever

The true OTP is both

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Ryan Evans/Blaine Anderson is one of the worst crossover pairing ideas that has ever been expelled from the bowels of humanity. 

If you know thing one about Ryan’s characterization, you have to know that he would roll his eyes in utter disgust at Blaine’s narcissism. He’d crinkle his nose in revulsion at Blaine’s eyesore fashion choices. He wouldn’t be able to tolerate Blaine’s haughty attitude and whininess for more than a few seconds before wanting to get as far away from him as humanly possible. 

More than that, Ryan isn’t even attracted to people with Blaine’s physique. He’s into jocks.

Jocks like Troy Bolton.

Who looks like this, need I remind you:

And not like this: 

Just because Ryan is gay, it doesn’t mean he would have a desire to bang any gay man he meets, but he especially wouldn’t want his mouth, or his dick anywhere near someone as obnoxious and grating as Blaine freaking Anderson. 

Anonymous whispered, "Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus 1 - 12??"

Awww, Anon. I’m really sorry, but I’m not familiar enough with the Percy Jackson universe (I’ve only seen parts of the first move adaptation and a couple reviews of the second. From what I’ve heard, both movies cannot hold a candle to the books.) to give you my answers.

One day, though, I just might read the books, they’re pretty darned good, so I hear, and when that happens, I’ll totally get back to you on this. 

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10. Best minor character?- Homeless/Stoner Brett, man. 

11. Most badass character?- Based entirely on all of the crap that she’s endured and how she tries to come out on top despite the writers continually treating her like a punching bag? Quinn Fabray. 

12. Funniest character?- Nothing on this show makes me, laugh, anymore. Although Finn was pretty consistently funny during the first thirteen episodes.

13. Favorite quote from the series?- Kurt’s “I love you more than I love being a star”, and, “I’m proud to be different, it’s the best thing about me”, are great quotes, but I think I’ll go with Quinn’s speech about moving on: “I wasted so much time hating myself for the stupid mistakes that I made, but, the truth is, is that without all of those, I never would’ve dreamed this to be my future. I was the only one standing in the way of myself. You can’t change your past. But you can let go and start your future.”

14. Favourite season?- Season 1.

15. Character you’d love to kill off?- Blaine Anderson. He’s needed to just go away since season three started with him transferring to McKinley. 

16. Most ridiculous plot line?- Where do I even start with this one? Ohh man. I’d say one of the best examples of the horrendous quality of the writing on this show is that one of the mid-season cliffhangers was Quinn, a character who has been around since the pilot, getting hit by a truck while on her way to the wedding of the show’s leads. Everyone was on edge, buzzing about what would happen to Quinn, so, it only makes sense that the next half of the season opens with an episode centered on Blaine and his big brother issues. Right? *sarcasm*

17. Favourite actress?- I don’t believe that I have a particular favorite actress in this cast. 

18. Favourite actor?- No one really stands out, honestly.

19. Favourite guest actor/actress?- Either Kristin Chenoweth, Neil Patrick Harris, or Adam Lambert. 

20. Favourite underused character?- Dave Karofsky. We’re talking about a character whose storyline had infinite potential, and instead of really doing anything with him and the talented actor who plays him, they overlooked him for most of season two, let him walk away from the prom after he was voted king to Kurt’s queen, and then, the next time you see him, he’s at a gay bar, happily adjusted to his sexuality. How did he reach this point? Who cares! In his next appearance, episodes later, he’s forcibly outed at school, which leads to him trying to kill himself. He’s left in a hospital bed, none of his issues truly resolved, with the promise that, in ten years, or so, he’ll be happy.

Now, he’s going to be yet another boy toy for Blaine?

I’d almost prefer he remain under-utilized, at this point.

21. Actress or actor you’d love to see on the show?- No one. I don’t want any of the actors that I like within a one-hundred mile radius of this show. 

22. Favourite crossover pairing?- I’m going to have to go with Finn Hudson/Gabriella Montez. 

23. Character you loved who died too soon?- I never loved him, but we all know that Finn left us too soon.

24. Favourite song from the show?- I really enjoy Matthew Morrison and Kristin Chenoweth’s cover of “One Less Bell To Answer/A House Is Not A Home”, the “Borderline/Open Your Heart" mash-up, and Dianna Agron and Kevin McHale’s cover rendition of "Up Up Up”. 

25. How would you like the show to end?- This show should have ended with the season three finale. Heck, in all honesty, this show should have ended either with the thirteenth episode of season 1, or the last episode of that season. Everything after that saw a sharp decline in quality, but, I can at least say that the season three finale felt like a good place for the series to come to an end. 

Thank you very much for asking! 

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  1. Who is your OTP?
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  3. Favourite OTP scene?
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  5. 3 favourite characters?
  6. Least favourite character?
  7. Scene you’d like to see?
  8. Favourite flashback?
  9. Favourite season and why?
  10. Best minor character?
  11. Most badass character?
  12. Funniest character?
  13. Favorite quote from the series?
  14. Favourite season?
  15. Character you’d love to kill off?
  16. Most ridiculous plot line?
  17. Favourite actress?
  18. Favourite actor?
  19. Favourite guest actor/actress?
  20. Favourite underused character?
  21. Actress or actor you’d love to see on the show?
  22. Favourite crossover pairing?
  23. Character you loved who died too soon?
  24. Favourite song from the show?
  25. How would you like the show to end?

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